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How to Properly Clean Your Carpet

Carpet cleaning is a skill that most people would be willing to learn, but it is one that just about everyone would fail at the first time they try. Because of this, it is important that you learn how to properly clean your carpeting so that you can avoid having the issue of a dirty carpet again.

The first thing you should do is vacuum your carpet. Some people like to use a vacuum cleaner or broom while others prefer to use the vacuum. This decision really depends on how your carpet cleaning needs are going to be. Some of the smaller types of carpets require the use of a broom while larger ones like to be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner.

Next, take your vacuum cleaner and spray the vacuum up to the base. Be sure to get all the dirt that has been on the carpet as you will have to remove that before you start cleaning it. You want to make sure the base of the vacuum is wet and ready to get into the carpets.

With the carpet base covered with water, use a scrub brush or some type of brush to clean the base. Be sure to get all the loose dirt that has accumulated from doing the vacuuming. If the carpet cleaning process begins to become difficult then it is probably time to add in the vacuuming.

Next, you will want to start cleaning the furniture. While you may be able to clean the parts that get really dirty by yourself, it is best to have someone else help. Having someone else help during carpet cleaning is a good idea because you will not only save money, but you can also make sure that everything is completely cleaned.

Vacuuming is important when you are carpet cleaning. Once you have gotten everything cleaned up, it is time to finish up with the cleaning. One of the most important steps in carpet cleaning ismaking sure that the furniture is completely dried out.

If there is water left on any part of the furniture, the next step is to blot it up with a part of the cloth. Even though your carpet may be dry now, it may still need a little water to get rid of the mold or other kinds of debris. By blotting it up, you will ensure that no more water gets into the carpet.

Drying the furniture is important as well because once it dries it will look brand new. You should always ensure that you dry the furniture completely, even if it was very damp. It will not be able to stand up to the drying process if it does not dry completely.

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